Intersegmental Traction Tables 

Our intersegmental traction tables allow us to do intersegmental traction therapy. Underneath the surface of the table are rollers that can be adjusted to fit each patient’s body perfectly. These rollers are then used to stretch and sooth specifically targeted muscles and spinal joints in the patient’s back. This form of therapy is made possible by this state-of-the-art piece of equipment that we have here at Rhodes Chiropractic.

Surface Electromyography Scans 

This special kind of scan lets us detect the amount of electricity specific muscles generate. Normally healthy muscles at rest do not generate electricity at all; however, if there are any abnormalities, we can detect them using a surface electromyography scan. This lets us pinpoint any unusual muscle activity so we can properly treat our patients the specific way they need to be treated.

X-ray Facilities 

X-rays use a very small pulse of radiation to detect any sort of bone alignment or breakage within the body. We can take x-rays here in our clinic and help you that much faster without the inconvenience of going somewhere else to get your bones looked at.

Hydro Massage Table 

Our hydro massage tables use a combination of heat and water to provide a relaxing, soothing experience. Many people prefer hydro massage tables since they are so relaxing. Contrary to what it sounds like, our hydro massage tables don’t actually get patients wet, so you can come and enjoy state-of-the-art massage therapy without getting drenched in the process.


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