Enjoying Chiropractic

“I received Dr. Rhodes’ information in the mail. I have to say since then my life has taken a turn for the better,” said Isaac Lopez, a loyal customer and friend of ours. “He made me feel comfortable and was honest and caring about my situation.” In our lives full of doctors and dentists, many of us have grown accustomed to feeling uncomfortable visiting specialists who treat us like a project. Here at Rhodes Chiropractic Clinic you can rest assured you will feel like you are visiting old friends every time you come to see us. It all starts with the wonderful man in charge, Dr. Rhodes. He truly cares about all of his patients’ comfort, health and overall well-being. Dr. Rhodes insists his goal is to treat every patient to their needs to improve the quality of their life. He will be honest about your situation, he will be your health ally, but most importantly he will be your friend. If you have never been to see a chiropractor before, then you are in for a treat. Despite what you might think about being put in uncomfortable positions, it’s a simple fact that getting your back aligned feels good! Not to mention getting a massage to go along with it. After your first adjustment you will feel like a million bucks. We regularly hear people say, “Oh my, I can move!” With your body aligned your nervous system will be able to function properly for your overall health and quality of life. Many of your aches and pains will heal themselves! It’s not like going to the dentist where they pull out the picks and drills. You won’t get your knee tapped and you [...]

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Choosing the Right Chiropractor

It can happen in so many ways. You wake up, realizing that you slept in a funny position. You slip and fall. You get in a small fender bender. There are a thousand ways to tweak your back. When your back hurts and your muscles ache, what do you do? Do you try to tough it out and forget the pain, or do you try to get some help? Professional chiropractic care can help you relieve your painful back symptoms. However, with so many chiropractors around, it can be tough deciding where to go when you start to hurt. How much experience does this chiropractor have? Will they charge you more than they should? Will they listen to you and give you the attention you desire? These are all questions that many people ask as they try to choose the right chiropractor. That is unless you are one of the lucky patients who decides to visit Dr. Rhodes at Rhodes Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Rhodes has over 28 years of professional experience and will work with you to create a chiropractic and massage therapy program to meet your needs and improve your health. Best of all, we will be upfront and honest with you about all your possible options and won’t require you to pay a large sum of money before receiving treatment. In addition to our chiropractic care, Rhodes Chiropractic Clinic also offers massage therapy services to help loosen and relax muscles, and state-of-the-art equipment to help with any problem you may have. When choosing a chiropractor, the optimal choice is clear—Rhodes Chiropractic Clinic. Call us today. [...]

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Why Visit a Chiropractor?

People usually visit a chiropractor for one of two reasons. The first has to do with injuries related to accidents. People get in car crashes, they slip and fall, and experience any number of injuries. The second reason people typically visit a chiropractor is due to chronic pain. For both short- and long-term pain, a chiropractor can help to alleviate soreness, tension and stiffness. Injuries One of the most common types of injuries chiropractors see are related to car accidents. When we get in any kind of collision, it’s possible to not feel any pain right away. Even when you’re going as slow as 15mph, your body may still experience whiplash or sustain other injuries. Additionally, there may not even be any damage to your car, but remember: cars are much more resilient than the human body. If you get in any kind of accident, it’s important to see a chiropractor. Your doctor will be able to examine your neck or spine to access the damage. At this point, he or she can work with you to mend or ease your pain. Your chiropractor can also recommend how often you should have your spine realigned, and give you exercises to help. Chronic Pain Those with chronic or neck pain can find relief with chiropractic care. Visiting a chiropractor is a viable option for those who want to avoid taking pain medication excessively. Pain medications don’t always work, and they don’t get to the heart of what is causing the problem. Chiropractors not only work to soothe pain, but they also look at your symptoms to get to the root of the problem. And that’s what is going to make you feel better. Other Reasons to [...]


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